Saturday, June 23, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

As i promised, here is a product review for you guys! This time, we're talking about the new Revelon just bitten kissable balm stains. i purchased them two weeks ago, i didn't want to do a review right away. Now i have use them daily for a quite a while, i decided to tell you how i feel about them!

They are not exactly like the lip butters as some of you may wonder. These balm stains are very very moisturizing it is more creamy than the lip butters. When i apply the Lip butters on my lips, there is a greecy and plastic-y feeling to it, not exactly moisturizing as it  claimed. But the Balm stains are not like that, they are truly moisturizing i even put them on before i go to bed. So the colors that i have are 001 Honey Douce and 035 Charm Charme. Honey Douce is like a fushia toned pink with a hint of blue toned shimmers in it. It is definitely a cool toned pink but when you apply it on your lips it looks very natural. It is almost the same color as my lips but more pinky and pigmented.  

Charm Charme is more a orange- toned creamsicle color. I would definitely say it counts as a nude color. I personally love this one because i love nude lips. However if you are worried that it may wash you out, it wont! because it is sheer enough for you natural lips to show so it does make you look dead and washed out instead, it gives a nice nude tint to your lips and it makes you look healthier!

After all, i really really enjoy them. i will definitely buy more colors! Also, they smell delicious as well! they have a minty, fruity scent and they all smell differently! i love lip products that have yummy scents! I love these and i recommend you try it out at least! if you only want to try it out and see if you like it, i recommend getting HONEY DOUCE because it is very wearable! if you like nude or neutral lips then maybe choose Charm Charme! but honey douce is more versatile and natural! I also love using Honey Douce as a base for my other nude lipsticks to add a pinky color under so it makes the nude lipstick more pinky-er and healtheir looking!

i hope you found this review helpful! please follow if you like and feel free to comment down below any thoughts, suggestions, questions and requests!

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Vlogging everyday this summer

Hi guys, so i have decided that i will start vlogging my everyday life this summer until school starts again. Basically because i wanted to keep the memories of this summer because it is a important and memorable time for me since next year will be my senior year! Also, this summer, i am going to New York. Which i have always dreamed to go there, and i am finally going! So i thought it would be a appropriate time for me to start blogging and vlogging again. I know i have been lagging on this blog because i have been SO busy and i didnt have any time to update this. Also i was always on and off about this blog because i felt like it kind of embarrass me. After a while i think to myself that i don't really care much at all because this blog is made to keep my memories and maybe share it with others who are interested! So im just going to update this blog whenever i can. I will start doing more products reviews and something interesting! So stay tuned!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

New York!

Im so exctied for my trip to new york for the FIT summer program next month!
i finally found a place to stay in new york for a reasonable price!
it will be my first time in life visiting new york! i am super excited! i cant wait to see the city with my own eyes! For the past few years, ive always seen New York City on TV or pictures, magazines...its finally my turn! Most importantly, i hope i'll make many new friends!
YAY im sure it'll be a life changing trip, i cant wait!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lookbook ootd: Coral Sweet tart 03.11.12

Coral sweet tart

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: DIY vintage pants
Sunglasses: Target
Necklace: Asos
Nailpolish: CHANEL
Gold Cuff: American Eagle
Ring/bracelet: Forever 21

love, adeline

Monday, March 12, 2012

Outfit of the day 03.12.12

This season is probably my favorite season of all time! Its not too cold, not too hot! I love wearing my favorite winter pieces with a little pop of color of spring!
-The burgundy sweater:
Has an amazing cut as well as the a-line cut to cover up your bottom!

-The leopard print denim shorts:
this is also a really easy DIY piece to do! It is perfect for all seasons! I recently made a pair of coral shorts with leopard print on the pockets out of some old vintage jeans!
As well as the leopard loafers are super in this winter even the spring! I just love flats like loafers because they're super comfortable to walk in yet super cute!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New shoes, New camera and yummy breakfast

      So I’ve been haunting for some shoes the past few weeks..i went to Nordstrom Rack at the Westgate mall, and I found these adorable boots! They were both on sale for 40%off! AMAZING DEAL!
The first pair are these silver glittery boots, it looks soo cute and they are so comfortable! I just love them so so so much!

And also these ones! I have been looking for the perfect pair of leather booties for SO long! And I found these, they are just soo beautiful and super comfy as well!
i also got this MULBERRY-LOOKING bag on ebay for only $15! hehe i will try to find the link for you
if you want it:) just ask me in the comment bar below!

This week’s school is pretty fun, our school had a code red because of some kids who brought nurf guns to school to play assassin game…LOL fail.


 everyday’s brunch my friend and I would go to this coffee shop near our school called Fantasia. They have the BEST pearl milk tea in the WORLD! They also make super cute cookies and super yummy breakfast! I tried the butter garlic toast! Ohmygoodness, it is so good it totally made my morning! So we just go there everyday:D          

                           and, heres my outfit of the day! HAHA!

        So yeahh, I wore the necklace that I bought last week at goodwill, and this is the outfit that I came up with! Haha, I got a lot of compliments on it!:D hehehe and 

i took this picture at sephora because this perfume is just  TOO  CUT
 also, if you have seen my perfume collection, you would know that one of my favorite perfume: Pink sugar. I wore it to school today and literally when I walk in to each class, the teacher and people are like :”WHAT IS THIS! SOMEONE SMELLS LIKE COOKIE!” HAHA my lit teacher ran to me and told me that I smell eatable hahha! I just cant stop wearing it cus it smells too good and yummy! But I kind of need to stop wearing it and wear my other perfumes!

                               SO, I FINALLY UPDATED MY LOOKBOOK! YAYY
This time’s outfits pretty casual, nothing too special BUT with my silver glitter boots I just feel like putting it on lookbook so people can see my bootiful boots! hehe and my favorite  olive fishnet scarf from urban outfitters!



love, adeline

Monday, January 30, 2012

My perfume collection!

My little perfume/fragrance (full size) collection!

starting from the back row very left:
Pink Sugar, Vera Wang Princess, Kitty perfume(no name, from Asia), Victoria's secrets's body sprays
CHANEL Gardenia, Chanel Mademoiselle, Hollister perfume, Pixi pink rose, Bath&body works Angel
Miss Dior, Anna Sui perfume, and DKNY be delicious peach.(limited edition)

my favorite ones would be
Pink sugar, of course. It is probably the longest lasting perfume i've ever owned! It smells just like sugar as the name says but also it isnt too sweet or tacky. I really really like this one.
CHANEL GARENIA (Secret edition) the most wearable Chanel perfume EVER. im not sure where you can buy it though since it is limited edition.
DKNY be delicious peach, LOVE LOVE LOOVE this perfume! ive gone through so much of this, i only have a little bit of it left, trying to save up already! The packaging is just too cuuute 

love, Adeline